01-Academic Time-Table to be followed regularly from April-16

02-Remedial classes from 3.00-4.30 pm

03-Supervised Studies Classes every day from 6.00-7.45 PM

04-Motivational & Counselling classes by Doctors, Alumni, Yoga Trainers, Scouts & Guides Commissioner, Psychologists and Scientists.

05-A separate Time -Table for Adolescent Education Programmes

06-Separate Time-Table for teaching in Samsung Smart Room for all subjects

07-Conducting Practice Tests in Classes-IX-XII

08-Continuous & comprehensive evaluation in all Classes VI-X

09-Special Coaching Classes for Class XII at 4.30 AM

10-Implementing Co-Curricular Activities on every Saturday & Holidays

11- Correction of Note-books by the teachers weekly

12- Observation of the Classes by the Principal & the Vice-Principal regularly

13-Conducting Subject-Committee Meetings

14 –Maintaining Teachers ‘Diaries & Class Diaries and getting them signed

15- Conducting Practical Exams in all Science Subjects simultaneously with theory.

16-Teaching in Houses by using White Board

17-Optimum use of Library-cultivating reading habits among the students.

18-Organising Pace-Setting Activities to enrich students ‘knowledge

19-Conducting different kinds of Exams-NEET, JEE, VVM, NSE, Olympiads, Science Congress, Mock Parliament etc

20-Issuing required books, Newspapers, Magazines and Journals from the Library

21-Visiting nearby good Schools affiliated with CBSE

22-Preparing Wall-Magazine fortnightly

23- Observing all occasions, festivals and National Days with honour to imbibe patriotism

24-Ppreparing list of weak students

25- Diagnosis of weak areas and providing remedial capsules to weak students& touching the Bench-Mark.

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